Welcome to the Absolutely Volcanic Web Site
Use Rights to the images presented here are available. We price their use according to a sliding scale which takes into consideration the particulars of the rights being licensed.

Once we know the specifics of your project and have determined what services we will be providing we can quote you a price. We prefer to transfer images via the internet using email or the FTP protocol where appropriate. Otherwise, we have Fed Ex and UPS service available for second day delivery. Overnight delivery is not available in most cases from Hawaii.

For digital files we scan the 35mm original using a SprintScan35 scanner with a maximum resolution of 2700 dpi at 1:1.

Practically every original transparency in our collection was taken with 35mm cameras, using Kadochrome 64 film. In a few instances we have employed larger format cameras and on rare occasions a different film.

To discuss your project or arrange for the use of specific images please use the numbers below or Email Us directly.

Post Office Box 884, Volcano, Hawaii 96785, (808) 967-7672