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Dorian has three books in print, the text of each written by an authority in their field. His first, Kilauea: The Newest land on Earth, tells the story, along with a brief history and science section, of the current eruption. Aloha O Kalapana, the story of the town of Kalapana, its history and how it was covered in lava in 1990, was Dorian's second book. Fire on the Mountain, Dorian's third book, compares the Hawaiian form of eruptions, referred to as "hot spot" volcanoes, with other volcanoes around the world.
Kilauea:The Newest land on Earth   Kilauea: The Newest Land on Earth tells the story of the current eruption along Kilauea's East Rift Zone. Along with a text written by geologist Christina Heliker you will find over 100 images from our collection. Also included is a history and a science section with maps and diagrams to help the reader understand the processes involved.

[9 x 12 in, softbound, 96 pp]

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Aloha O Kalapana   Aloha O Kalapana, in Hawaiian, means 'Forever Kalapana.' Isolated from the mainstream of development by its remote location along Kilauea's southern coast Kalapana was one of the last communities in the islands that resembled the old ways of living in Hawaii. But Kilauea is an active volcano with a history of covering itself in a fresh layer of lava once every thousand years and this idyllic community along her flank was no exception to the process. Along with a text written by Frankie Stapleton and historical images from the Bishop Museum and the State of Hawaii archives, the reader is treated to a very personal and close up view of Kalapana before, during and after the destructive flows of 1990.

[9 x 12 in, softbound, 154 pp]

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Fire on the Mountain   Fire on the Mountain is Dorian's third book. With a captivating text by noted scientist Carl Johnson this book tells the story of volcanoes world wide. In fact it goes one step further with an introductory chapter on volcanoes found throughout the solar system. Using the Hawaiian Islands as a basis for comparison in this book the reader is treated to dramatic images of volcanic activity from around the world.

[9 x 12 in, softbound, 132 pp]

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