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Although Dorian's work has been primarily with the eruptive activity of Kilauea Volcano, being a resident of the island of Hawaii and an avid nature enthusiast, over the years he has collected a fair number of images from Around the Island.

Most notable is his work with Mauna Kea and the astronomical community on it's summit where the largest telescope in the world are to be found.

In the Mountains and On Their Slopes sections you will find a large selection of views of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa, the two largest mountains on Earth. Standing (submerged in 6 miles of water) more than 35,000 high, these two mountains are by far larger than any other mountains on the planet. Even their upper 13,000 plus feet, the area above sea level, is very impressive as far as the size of mountains on Earth go.

On top of Mauna Kea, a dormant volcano which last erupted approximately 3,500 years ago, is a collection of structures unlike any found elsewhere. It is here that the largest telescopes in the world have been built. A combination of height, air stability and accessibility make Mauna Kea the best place on Earth in which to place a telescope for optimum viewing of the cosmos. Consortiums, in most cases of actual governments, from all over the world have pooled their resources to build world class, one of a kind telescopes on this isolated mountain top in the middle of the Pacific. In our Telescopes section you may preview images of several of these telescopes. In the Telescope Domes section you will find a selection of images of the unusual structures these incredible instruments are housed in.

The Merrie Monarch Festival is a Hula competition which takes place annually in Hilo, Hawaii. Hula, the traditional dance of the Hawaiian people, as an art form is experiencing a renaissance. In our People section you will find, along with images from elsewhere around the island, several images of these beautiful people proudly performing this art.

In the Landscapes and Rainforest sections we present several images from around the island. With golden sunsets framed in palms to taro fields in lush valleys lined with waterfalls here are many glimpses of why we say Hawaii is the most awe inspiring place on Earth.

Besides images from Around the Island we encourage you to use the list of links to the left to preview samples of our collection of images of Kilauea Volcano, get information on how to acquire the Use Rights to images in our collection, and find out about our books. To contact us please use the numbers below or Email Us directly.

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